The OarDoctor specialises in the following services, and offers competitive pricing with a fast turnaround time, in order to restore your Sweeps and Sculls to a race-ready standard.

How to fit a Croker Sweep Oar Grip

A full demostration of how to correctly fit a Croker sweep oar grip. Including techniques for correct alignment, adhesive preparation, trimming and final care stages.

Oar Repairs

Spoon Replacement Types include:

  • Concept2 Smoothie 2
  • Concept2 Big Blades
  • Croker Slicks
  • Vortex tips also fitted

Crack Repair Shaft Type include:

  • All types of sweep and scull shafts

Oar Servicing

Sweep and Scull servicing includes:

  • New Sleeves fitted for Sweeps and Sculls
  • New Collars fitted for Sweeps and Sculls

Free pitch check

Handle Replacement Types include:

  • Wood Sweep
  • Adjustable Sweep
  • Adjustable Scull

Grip Replacement Types include:

  • Concept2
  • Croker
  • Martinoli
  • Stampfli

Free fitting service for all grips

Advice is given on the recommended Oar and Scull lengths for Club use Junior and Senior.

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